Santa Barbara Endocrinology is a Direct Care practice

Dr. Rivera founded this practice after she saw that patients were craving a different experience with their endocrinologist. 

Patients were frustrated with waiting weeks to months for a doctor’s appointment, only to spend less than 15 minutes together. They were tired of needing separate office visits for issues that could have been resolved by phone or text. They were disappointed when doctors quickly resorted to medication as the only solution and felt unheard when their concerns were brushed off. Navigating this broken system of high-cost, low-value care was overwhelming. At Santa Barbara Endocrinology, we offer a refreshing alternative with responsive, personalized, and transparent healthcare.

Join us for a better experience.

We aim to make healthcare feel like self-care, not just “sick care.” Our goal is to transform your doctor visits from frustrating and inefficient to positive, hassle-free, and empowering.

Santa Barbara Endocrinology is a Direct Care Endocrinology practice. The first of its kind in Santa Barbara County. We see patients with a multitude of endocrine conditions including diabetes, thyroid disease, reproductive conditions in women (including PCOS and menopause) and men (low testosterone), as well as adrenal and pituitary disease. We also provide weight management care.

We do not participate with any insurance plan.

At our practice, we prioritize your well-being over insurance-driven, rushed, and reactionary care. We believe you deserve exceptional, personalized attention. By eliminating intermediaries, we focus directly on you, ensuring proactive, unhurried, and tailored healthcare. Our commitment is to your health and happiness, making decisions that benefit you rather than maximizing insurance reimbursements. Experience the care you truly deserve with us.

Please note that Dr. Rivera is opted out of Medicare. Our services will be billed directly to you and cannot be submitted to Medicare for reimbursement.  

Considering membership might seem unnecessary or intimidating, especially if you’re generally healthy and only see a doctor for an annual check-up. However, true health improvement goes beyond a quick 15-minute physical once a year. It requires consistent support and accountability, which our membership makes easy. Think of joining us like joining a gym—it’s an investment in your long-term health, with the flexibility to use it as much or as little as you need.

With membership, you receive an elevated endocrine care experience and the peace of mind that comes with direct access to a highly qualified physician whenever you need it. This isn’t a generic nurse line or an impersonal telehealth service—it’s your doctor, always available by call, text, or email.

Additionally, our limited membership model allows your doctor to provide the best possible care to a smaller group of patients. This means longer appointments, minimal wait times, better coordination with specialists, and same or next-day availability.

Discover more about the benefits of membership and the services covered here.

At Santa Barbara Endocrinology, we offer a concierge level of care within a direct specialty care (DSC) model, making high-quality healthcare accessible and patient-centric. Unlike traditional concierge practices that bill your insurance and require copays on top of a membership fee, our DSC model eliminates these additional costs. This means you receive comprehensive care without the hassle of insurance, making Santa Barbara Endocrinology an excellent option for everyone, including those between insurances or under-insured. Plus, with our flexible month-to-month membership, you have the freedom and convenience to manage your healthcare without an annual commitment.

Experience the exceptional, personalized care you deserve with Santa Barbara Endocrinology.

Absolutely! Imagine having your doctor’s cell phone number, getting appointments exactly when you need them, and being seen on time. Picture spending more than 15 minutes with your doctor, being able to text them with follow-up questions, and receiving prompt call-backs from the office. Imagine knowing the prices of services upfront and never being surprised by unexpected bills. That’s the Santa Barbara Endocrinology experience. We offer the quality, access, convenience, and transparency that traditional insurance-based endocrine care can’t match. 

Join us and experience healthcare the way it should be.

No. You can cancel your membership at anytime with 30-day notice. We do offer to waive our enrollment fee for patients who are able to commit to a 1-year membership. 

If you cancel your membership and then desire to re-enroll, you will be charged a re-enrollment fee. 

It is advisable that you call your insurance company to determine eligibility and requirements for reimbursement prior to your visit.

You may be able to use your insurance to cover the costs of labs, imaging, or other tests to the extent that your insurance regularly reimburses these services. You are responsible for understanding your plan’s policies.

Yes. Because your membership agreement with us is not insurance, you will want insurance coverage for those services not included in your membership. 

Yes! We encourage you to maintain a close relationship and regular follow-up with your primary care provider.

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