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Dr. Sylvia Rivera


Sylvia Rivera MD

Dr Sylvia Rivera, is your go-to expert for hormone and metabolic health. With board certifications in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism, she’s the real deal. Driven by a passion to break free from the constraints of traditional patient care, she founded Santa Barbara Endocrinology. Here, it’s all about lasting support and education tailored to your needs. Dr. Rivera’s all about creating personalized, long-lasting treatment plans that really work.  Seeing the positive, life changing effects of consistent care only fuels her dedication to your long-term health journey. 

Direct Endocrine Care

At Santa Barbara Endocrinology, we’re all about a fresh approach to medical care. We believe in building strong, personal connections with our patients. With our direct care model, you and your doctor team up to tackle health goals without the hassle of paperwork and insurance hurdles. 

Specialized Services

"I'm dedicated to empowering you, enhancing your quality of life, and building trust and confidence as we journey toward better health together."

~ Sylvia Rivera MD

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